What I’m Doing Now

Photo by Marie Ho

(This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers)

Just Getting Started. Past year or so has been hell. I’ve decided I’ve had enough of bullshitting to myself and I need to start getting better. So, I’m focused on building a routine and avoiding procrastination by ‘Just Get Started’.

Optimistic Mindset. When life becomes depressing you automatically starts to be negative. So, I’m making a conscious effort to see glass half-full.

Two Essays Per Week. I’ve been in and out of writing routine for the last couple of years. Lately, I’ve realised that I really love putting my thoughts on paper (or internet) and this is something which helps me to focus and think clearly. By putting it out there, now I have to stay committed to writing regularly. Every Wednesday and Saturday I’ll post an essay to this site.

Watching What I’m Eating. Awareness, like other concepts and philosophies, is only effective when it is put to use. I’ve gain a few inches in my waist and it’s really bugging me, especially after my dad said I have a bigger waist than my brother. So in light, I’m putting awareness into practice. I’m recording everything I eat and drink on my phone’s note app.

Exercise. And another reason for putting some pounds is not doing regular exercise. Most of my days, I’m just inside home and I barely move my body. I’m trying to workout at least three times a week; again, I note down my workouts.

Last updated March 31st, 2020. From Colombo, Sri Lanka